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Connecticut Paranormal History and Legends

Mission Statement

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It’s seems like these day’s everyone investigates the Paranormal online now, going to haunted sites with scientific paranormal equipment. Equipment such as cameras, camcorders, tape recorders, EMF detectors, and the list goes on. Well we here sometimes do the same, but it seems like everyone in the field has lost interest in investigating the history of a lot of legendary places. Here at CPHL  we look at the history of these places in order to tell their stories. And while everything I write about on this site may not have any paranormal side to it, I promise to take you back to a Connecticut everyone has seemed to forgotten about. Here I consider myself a history hobbyist first, before anything else. While I do like to go on the occasional ghost hunt my main task is to try to find the real ghost story to tell you, because that is what interests me. If you’re looking for stories about physic mediums channeling energy, you’ve come to the wrong place. However if you are interested in the True Stories of Connecticut’s history and its supernatural Legends, Welcome!


Unlike other places I will be listing references with each story, and giving credit to those who helped my write these articles. This is done so that everyone knows that the information that is contained in this website is true and accurate. Ever since people have been telling ghost stories, whether it be around the campfire or online there has always been an element of truth and an element of fiction. Sometimes ghost stories have been made up all together just to increase the glamour and interest. On this site I intend to mainly list facts and history, and to try to address the fictional element of each story. This is done to give each paranormal investigator a clear view of what has really has taken place at each haunted location.

The inspiration in the creation of this website was a result of the amount of disinformation given out all over the internet about some Connecticut haunted places. A certain Haunted Place Index now circles the web that most paranormal investigators use as a guide in there studies. However when one looks at the information provided by this website, you will find that 90% of this is incorrect or inaccurate. This is because most of the information given is submitted by anyone and everyone who can write an e-mail. Most of which has not been double-checked by its webmaster, and with that, most people take this information as fact when doing a field investigation. Here I will be addressing haunted Connecticut places giving you the most accurate information as possible. This way the serious paranormal investigator has an accurate historical background to go by.


Also there will be stories of Historical Interests listed here which most likely do not have any paranormal side to them. These are stories for people who just like to read about Connecticut’s history. Being a resident of Connecticut for 33 years, I’ve found that there is a lot of interesting stories of Connecticut that people don’t know about. Connecticut is a state that now boasts of a history that is approaching 380 years.  Taking that into account that is 380 years of forgotten stories in Connecticut history. I will be telling those as well.


If anyone has a story in Connecticut they would like told. Please feel free to contact me. Also if you feel that any information in this website is inaccurate please feel free to E-mail me as well, but be prepared to list references or where your information came from. I am willing to correct any errors that might exist here in this website; however I must see credible evidence in order to change anything I may have written about. Examples of evidence would be: paperwork from a towns clerk office, birth/death records, old newspaper articles, etc... This can all be submitted to me here

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